Studio & Kiln Site


I have lived and made pottery at this same address for more than 45 years.  The property was purchased initially as a convenient home adjacent to the college where I began a ceramics teaching career in 1968.  Now retired from teaching, I still enjoy my profession in clay. The studio showroom has an extensive collection of recent and older pottery and sculpture for sale. 

The studio overlooks the back yard where I continuously pursued my other passion: vegetable and perennial gardening.  

Over time both my ceramic work and gardening style have evolved dramatically.  Having made functional pottery during most of my career, my recent work in clay develops a marine theme of wood fired sculptures based upon fish.  Currently the vegetable garden consists of 30 raised beds devoted entirely to heirloom plants.  Its abundance provides my wife and I with organic produce for the entire year!   I am happy to share stories about my gardening with visitors. The photographs below show my kiln site under construction and use since 2016.